For the Earliest and Most Accurate Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment

MoCA—also known as Montreal Cognitive Assessment or The MoCA Test—was validated as a highly sensitive tool for early detection of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in 2000. MoCA has been subsequently adopted in clinical settings around the world and is widely used as a scale in academic and non-academic research. The sensitivity of MoCA for detecting MCI is 90%, compared to 18% for the MMSE.

MoCA accurately and quickly assesses:

  • Short term memory

  • Visuospatial abilities

  • Executive functions

  • Attention, concentration and working memory

  • Language

  • Orientation to time and place


For healthcare organizations and researchers with mobile device capability. Recommended for multi-users to help in standardization and quicker administration. Results can be uploaded to EHR systems.


For healthcare organizations accustomed to paper filing systems. Multiple versions available, including adapted questions for hearing or visual impairment, low education, and administration by telephone or videoconference.